Mother of demons

My mum is coming tomorrow! I am so excited I’m about to piss myself. I’ve cleaned my room and hid everything she’s not meant to see (this is only partly a joke) so I am all ready!

We are so similar in many ways, which is a massive plus for travelling together. We almost always want to do the same things, whether that is something cultured or just skipping out on all that and going shopping instead. She’s a vegetarian as well, so I’m excited to take her to a few good veggie restaurants when she’s here. I’ve also got tickets for us to see the Lion King musical on Tuesday! I’m thinking I might take her to see a burlesque performance as well – she indicated she would be interested as long as I was comfortable with it. I think that means she thinks it’s seedier than it is, so I’ll definitely take her so that the next time I tell her I want to do it myself she won’t get the vapours!


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