Food for Thought

I have probably been to almost every vegetarian restaurant in London at least once. I actually find it a really interesting concept – in Sweden, most restaurants have pretty decent offerings for veggies, but here in London, a lot of standard restaurants offer only one or two things. And they’re usually the same wherever you go! For that reason (and because it’s pretty awesome to go to a restaurant and know that you could potentially choose absolutely anything off the menu), I am pretty pleased there’s so many veggie restaurants in London.

One that I keep coming back to is Food for Thought, on Neal street in Covent Garden. They always do really good food! They have a different menu every day (though they cycle dishes, obviously, so it’s not like you can never have the same thing again) and the food is always really good, filling and healthy. Whenever I’m in Covent Garden I always come here! Actually, writing about it I want to go back immediately, even though I was there just yesterday. Obligatory food photo:


I think this was called a baby corn and mushroom gado gado? The sauce was very peanut-y and a bit similar to satay, so obviously I loved it. Their lasagna is also a massive hit!


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