How to survive 26 hours on a plane

Today is an amazing day in London, so I went for a bit of a walk. I love Islington so much; it is everything I hoped that London would be when I first moved here. Super cozy, with loads of restaurants and bars, and so close to central London! I really honestly just meant to go for a walk, but then I passed by Waterstone’s and I thought why not! At least it’s not more clothes.


I did think as well that I’d better stock up on entertainment for my flight, so these were perfectly justified. It means I won’t actually be reading these for a long time, though! (well… Maybe just one. We’ll see which one I can’t resist!)

Terry Pratchett – I shall wear midnight. For reference, I used to have a document in my phone to see which Discworld books I already owned so I wouldn’t accidentally buy one I already had. I am pretty sure that I haven’t read this one, but I absolutely adore everything Pratchett writes and I find it really hard to resist buying his books!

Tina Fey – Bossypants. I’ve heard this book is really good, and I always enjoy autobiographies (especially ones written by comedians, for obvious reasons). Tina Fey is super cool and I wish I was familiar with more of her work! I do know she was the driving force (and possibly screenplay adaptor? Or something?) behind Mean Girls, and that’s my favourite film ever.

Russell Brand – My Booky Wook. See above; autobiographies by funny people tend to be quite funny. And despite looking like Jesus, Russell Brand seems like he’s got his head screwed on alright.

Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter – the Long Earth. Again, see above. I love Terry Pratchett and I completely trust his choices of collaborators (that’s how I got into Neil Gaiman in the first place!). As far as I can tell, this book is about parallell worlds, and that just happens to be one of my favourite sci-fi subjects! If I don’t absolutely love this book I am going to be so disappointed.


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