I don’t even have OCD anymore

I really like to keep my room tidy, but I am so bad at it! I sometimes feel like it’s too overwhelming, but I think the main reason is that I never have enough storage space. I like to keep everything very very organised, and if I can’t do that I kind of feel like there’s no point to it. So that’s one of my decorating goals for next time; find a space for absolutely everything, even the stupid stuff that I normally put in a drawer of “things that have no particular place”. If I need it, it needs a place, and if I can’t find one I probably don’t actually need it and should throw it out.

I leave you with a picture of my wardrobe. Not sure where in the world it is but when I find it, I will move in immediately. Apologies to whoever currently owns this wardrobe!

(image from hookedonhouses)


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