Contratulations to America on not making a shit decision! I stayed up until five in the morning to watch Senator Wendy Davis’ filibuster first of all, and I’m so proud of her for taking a stand for women. I’m very happy that it was successful!

And then, of course, the Supreme Court decided to strike down DOMA! I cried tears of joy, because even though I’m not American, I want everyone to have equal rights, and I think that America still affects a lot of other countries in their legislative process.

They also decided that the Prop 8 people had no standing, which according to this post was the worst of the good decisions they could have made in that case. So if the gods had truly been smiling upon us today we would have been celebrating the advent of a fully marriage equal America today, but let’s not get greedy. We’ll get there.

And even better of course than all of this, I got my makeup bag. Look at it:



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