Jesus Camp

I’ve been asked once what my favourite documentary was, and I just thought it was the weirdest question ever. Why would you have a favourite documentary? If you’ve already watched it once, it’s not like you would re-watch it for the beautifully crafted story. But as always when I scoff at an idea, I was wrong. I do have a favourite documentary!

Unfortunately this has got Portuguese subtitles, but I couldn’t find another embeddable copy. Basically, it’s about an evangelical summer camp, and the kids who go to it. It absolutely terrifies me, and I feel so sad for these children who get indoctrinated into something so extreme at a young age. I don’t think anyone can deny that fundamentalists of any religion are engaging in some pretty hardcore denial of simple truths, and I just feel so sad about the fact that these kids might not ever know better. The main interviewees all seem pretty bright and passionate, and I think they could have gone really far if their parents didn’t stunt them with anachronistic rules about piety.


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