Countdown to Pride 2013

I absolutely can’t wait for Pride! I met up with my dear friend Gilly today in Camden to get ourselves some rainbow stuff so we can show our colours! I already had my flag, my lashes and my bisexy hair piece (which is turning out to be slightly more difficult to work than I anticipated. I realised it would look fake but this is Barbie levels of plastic) but I am of course always happy to aid other people’s quests for more rainbows.


I’m wearing these bad bitches! I recently learnt that if you cut your lashes into smaller pieces they’re a lot easier to handle than if you just try to put the entire strip on there – quite intuitive really, but one of those things I would probably never come up with on my own. I foresee a life where I never have to deal with my lashes coming off at the inner corner again!


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