That elusive dream

One thing that I am continuously trying to do is cull my wardrobe. I love clothes and can’t get enough of them, but there is nothing that annoys me more than having loads of clothes that I never use. My late nan was a bit of a packrat, and so I learnt a lot from her about what not to do. We spent years going through all of her stuff trying to cull it a bit and she was continuously saying that she would look at this or that later – just like she had the last time we did it a few months ago. I know from experience that later never comes and if you’re wondering if you should keep it, you probably don’t actually need it.

I feel like it’s even more important now that I’ll be leaving soon because I really won’t have the space in my luggage for all of this crap that I have accumulated over the years. While I’ll certainly leave some of it in Sweden before I go, I can’t think of anything more satisfying than having less, but feeling genuine satisfaction at every single item you own. I feel like surely you must become a more pure version of yourself every time you let go of a piece of anything that you don’t love completely.

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