You win or you lose

A week ago, I started watching Game of Thrones (yes, I am slightly slow, thanks for asking. I just thought since everyone was gushing so much about it, it was more likely a mass delusion rather than actual quality. WRONG). It is Monday now, I started watching it last Sunday and I’m just about to watch the very last episode of series three (so yes, I was completely heartbroken a few hours ago when I saw the infamous episode. I don’t want to talk about it).

I was very pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoy it in general, mainly because I normally don’t like high fantasy for the simple reason that many writers seem to take great joy in how very clever they are with world building, and forget to create compelling characters and interesting storylines. GoT manages to have them both, and that ties in to another point in its favour – usually when there are over 15 characters you’d be hard pressed to find it in yourself to care about anyone, let alone all of them. I do find myself caring what happens to a majority of the characters here, though (not always in a positive way, mind. I care deeply about what happens to king Joffrey, but none of the things I have in mind are positive). It’s turning out to be detrimental to my mental health as most of the things that happen are cruel and unusual, but I appreciate it a lot.


2 thoughts on “You win or you lose

  1. I know exactly what you mean about “mass delusion”. Sometimes I’d hear people talking about this “great show” and babbling on and on about plots and characters I had no knowledge of or interest in, and I got to actually hate those shows without having seen a single episode.
    As someone who’s read the series, I was really looking forward to the HBO series, and it’s been an amazing adaptation. But then I realized that I was babbling about plots and characters with friends who are also watching the show, readers and non-readers both, and that we were probably pissing off friends who had no clue what we were talking about.
    It is a great series, though. Very “realistic” in terms of its characters, relationships and how the plots flow along. Even though I knew it was coming, though, that episode a couple of weeks ago still hurt.

    1. Not to mention so often shows seem to buy into their own hype and become a parody of themselves as the creators become more and more aware of the fan reaction! I suspect that’s way less likely with a show like this though, since it already has the plot outlined in the source material.

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