Off to see the wizard

So after putting it off for a few months, I finally got my Working Holiday visa for Australia (so exciting!). I expected it to be a long and ardorous process with many hurdles and concerns, but when I actually sent the application in, it took five hours (no, literally. And I actually know what that word means). I was expecting questions about my income stream and my history as a juvenile delinquent – basically the Australian Inquisition, which is clearly worse than the Spanish edition seeing as they’re all criminals and have learnt the hard way what works and what doesn’t – but they lived up to their easy going reputation and just asked me to please not bomb the goverment (I would never <3).

It’s all very exciting! I think there will be things that are easier this time around than moving to London was, as well as things that will be more difficult, but at least now it’s a bit more certain that I’m actually going, and I’ll start looking at tickets next week. When I moved to London I had nothing but a dream and at least this time I have a dream and a place to stay.

Of course, after my euphoria wore off I started watching that TV show about border controls in Australia so now I’m scared again.


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