Proudest moment of the year

Happy Pride Day, everyone! (That’s a thing, right? We’ve got Christmas Day and New Year’s Day so…) I had an absolutely amazing time all day yesterday. I met up with Gilly at noon to see the parade, and after that we just stayed in Soho all day, soaking up the atmosphere, watching some of the performances, flirting with drag queens (okay, that one was mostly me).

I didn’t get too many pictures actually! I’m not sure why, but I’m thinking it was because I was so busy soaking up the atmosphere. I really liked this float though, for all its simplicity:


When the day was over we went to the Green Carnation and danced until we could dance no more! I’m sad I won’t be in London for the next one, but on the other hand I can’t wait to see the Aussie Prides. To be honest I think Pride should be every day.

Time to pride!

I’m off to Pride! I tried to get a snap of my outfit but was unable to (see: current lack of full length mirror). So here’s a quick snap of my face instead. I just realised I forgot to wear my hair! It’s okay though, it looked pretty shit.


I’m happier than I look though!

Treat yoself right

I’ve been saving up for Australia for longer than I’d like to admit now (I’m really bad at saving), and a few days ago I finally reached my goal. I’m well pleased, to the point where I log on to my bank sometimes just to stare at my total. I totally identify with Scrooge McDuck!

So that also means that my promise not to do any more shopping no longer carries as much weight! I should still not buy too much stuff obviously as I’ll still have to bring it, but it’s not as important that I squirrel everything away. Keeping that in mind, I went and bought myself a new bag.


I’m in love.


I just had my nails done for Pride!


I went to Wah nails at Topshop, which is the only place I’ve been to for nail art so far. This boy did not do right by my cuticles though! If I go there again I’ll probably tell them from the start, but you really shouldn’t have to do that. It’s alright though, lesbians don’t know anything about nails so they won’t be able to tell.


Contratulations to America on not making a shit decision! I stayed up until five in the morning to watch Senator Wendy Davis’ filibuster first of all, and I’m so proud of her for taking a stand for women. I’m very happy that it was successful!

And then, of course, the Supreme Court decided to strike down DOMA! I cried tears of joy, because even though I’m not American, I want everyone to have equal rights, and I think that America still affects a lot of other countries in their legislative process.

They also decided that the Prop 8 people had no standing, which according to this post was the worst of the good decisions they could have made in that case. So if the gods had truly been smiling upon us today we would have been celebrating the advent of a fully marriage equal America today, but let’s not get greedy. We’ll get there.

And even better of course than all of this, I got my makeup bag. Look at it:


Jesus Camp

I’ve been asked once what my favourite documentary was, and I just thought it was the weirdest question ever. Why would you have a favourite documentary? If you’ve already watched it once, it’s not like you would re-watch it for the beautifully crafted story. But as always when I scoff at an idea, I was wrong. I do have a favourite documentary!

Unfortunately this has got Portuguese subtitles, but I couldn’t find another embeddable copy. Basically, it’s about an evangelical summer camp, and the kids who go to it. It absolutely terrifies me, and I feel so sad for these children who get indoctrinated into something so extreme at a young age. I don’t think anyone can deny that fundamentalists of any religion are engaging in some pretty hardcore denial of simple truths, and I just feel so sad about the fact that these kids might not ever know better. The main interviewees all seem pretty bright and passionate, and I think they could have gone really far if their parents didn’t stunt them with anachronistic rules about piety.


I’ve made a promise not to do any shopping until I leave for Australia; I’d prefer to save my money for when I might need it out there, and anyway I shouldn’t be buying a load of stuff now anyway, as I’m sure I’ll have to leave lots of what I already have behind anyway.

So all that’s obviously empty words and today I bought a makeup case! It’s really clever, though; it’s got four separate compartments for eyes/lips/face/brushes, and you roll it all up for easy transportation! It just spoke to me and my obsessive tendencies, so I had to have it. And I do tend to think that if you’re shopping on eBay at three in the morning it doesn’t really count, anyway, because it’s not quite real life.

Countdown to Pride 2013

I absolutely can’t wait for Pride! I met up with my dear friend Gilly today in Camden to get ourselves some rainbow stuff so we can show our colours! I already had my flag, my lashes and my bisexy hair piece (which is turning out to be slightly more difficult to work than I anticipated. I realised it would look fake but this is Barbie levels of plastic) but I am of course always happy to aid other people’s quests for more rainbows.


I’m wearing these bad bitches! I recently learnt that if you cut your lashes into smaller pieces they’re a lot easier to handle than if you just try to put the entire strip on there – quite intuitive really, but one of those things I would probably never come up with on my own. I foresee a life where I never have to deal with my lashes coming off at the inner corner again!

Making your space your own

Having lived in furnished rooms in flatshares (as you do in London) for two years now, I’ve not really put my own touch on any of the places I’ve lived, but I think it’s high time for me to start doing that the next time I move. Obviously, moving frequently and living in small rooms where all the space is already taken up by the necessities is not conducive to taking the time and energy to really make the space your own.

Veronica Varlow (who is awesome, by the way. Just sayin’) wrote about the magic of making a room your own a few weeks ago, and it really spoke to me. I do keep my room quite messy, and I never really feel like it’s a space I want to inhabit, even though it’s where I spend a majority of my time! So in order to feel better about myself, my life and everything, I’ve begun making a plan for what I want out of my living space, and how I want it to look in order to best reflect me.

This video is 22 minutes long but I honestly used to watch it several times a day a few months back, just because the setup of her makeup collection is so amazing. I definitely want a similar vanity – preferrably a really old school one with soft light bulbs all around the edge of the mirror! I also love having scented products to make my room smell like a boudoir rather than a plain old bedroom, though I prefer reed diffusers to scented candles, as they are less effort and won’t burn your house down if you don’t watch them carefully!

I want a cozy chair with a little table beside it so I don’t have to spend all my time in my bed – which is what I do currently, as it is the only comfortable space in my room.

Another thing I don’t think I can live without is a full length mirror. I will concede that maybe this suits better in the living room or hallway, especially if it’s only me and the Captain living there. I know she will use it just as much as I will, and if I just have to prance around in my pretty new underwear to see what it looks like, I know she will just take it in stride.

Obviously this is just a very loose collection of ideas for now, but I always think it’s helpful to think of what you want out of something for a good while before actually taking steps to realise it – letting the idea solidify in your head a bit before throwing yourself into something you might not even want a few weeks later. Even so, it’s only making me more excited for my move!